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Sounds4Fun X will bring your Mac to life. It runs in the background watching for various system or user events to occur, such as a CD being inserted, a window opening, the Trash being filled or emptied, and many more. Each of these events then triggers a specific sound of your choosing. The sound can be either fixed or chosen at random in a folder full of many sounds to add variety.

Give your Mac some personality.

With Sounds4Fun, you can make your Mac 'speak' to you, almost like a real person. Sure, those synthetic voices Apple gave us are pretty neat - but all they do is read text out loud when you tell them to. When was the last time your Mac randomly asked you if you'd like to play a nice game of chess? Or commanded you to join the Dark Side?

Load some speech samples of your favourite amusing voices or phrases by famous movie characters and have Sounds4Fun deliver snappy wisecracks and deadpan one-liners. Or it could patiently offer sanguine tips whenever you goof - before politely refusing to let you back into the airlock. The possibilities are endless. Seriously, go nuts.

With Sounds4Fun running on your machine, you can say goodbye to eerie silence and loneliness. Your Mac will really come to life.

Not just fun, but useful, too.

Everyone makes mistakes - and Sounds4Fun can help you notice them before it's too late. As an example, you could set it to make a special alert sound whenever you press the capslock key so that you DON'T ACCIDENTALLY TYPE LIKE YOU'RE SHOUTING or inadvertently mess up when entering that case-sensitive password.

Or it could make a custom sound when you drop something in the Trash, to help avoid accidental disastrous deletion of certain important files.


Get it to play a specific sound when power to your Macbook is interrupted and avoid running out of battery power when you thought it was being charged.

Have it make a sound when the Finder is done with Copying a large file/folder and you won't have to keep watching the screen if you are doing something else while the copy operation is in progress.

Unleash the frustrated percussionist within.

Maybe you're just bored of the dry clickety-clack clickety-clack sound your keyboard makes when you're typing up that report. Perhaps you'd like to add a little more flair. And hey, your parents never did buy you that drumkit you begged them for, did they? With Sounds4Fun you can assign beats or musical notes to keys on your keyboard and create random music effortlessly as you type. Rumour has it that's how Nine Inch Nails composed their last album.


Single user licence: $14
Student price: $7
Upgrade: $9

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System Requirements

This product is designed to run on PPC and Intel Macs with the following operating systems:

• Mac OS X 10.5

• Mac OS X 10.4

Sounds4Fun Help

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